The little things that matter the most

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The little things that matter are often the things we do probably every day that we take for granted.

A few times, it became a concern to know what were the things that made me feel alive, happy, relevant to myself, family and friends, the things that keep me going, and in my youthful mind I always thought the big events were the ones that mattered more, the ones that should be commemorated and the ones that should be considered life-changing.

But little did I know the little things that I did, those things that I could get myself to do effortlessly were the ones that mattered more. I wasn’t still convinced enough until the minor deeds became the actions that change my life for good.

What are those little things that should matter the most?

  1. The time you spend with yourself when no one is there to keep you company.
  2. Those things you love doing, maybe reading, writing, visiting, giving, sewing, and every minor occasion that you love.
  3. Taking a walk to the park and getting yourself some icecream.
  4. The time you spend with your family or friends and memories that weren’t captured with cameras but always remains in your heart.
  5. The act of gratitude.
  6. Reaching out to other people in different ways, like encouraging them and giving the little you can.
  7. Not comparing yourself with other people that have more than you, but learning to be satisfied with what you have.
  8. The little choices or decisions you make on the very most insignificant days.
  9. The simple ways you live your life.
  10. The healthy habits you keep daily.

Always remember that a great life isn’t about the huge things but the small things that we experience daily, and the little efforts that make a big difference.

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