Overcoming Challenges

Whispering to your ears and telling you someday all the challenges are going to end and you will never ever have any again in this life, I guess will bring some relief but will put you in the dark of what the truth is.

Challenges are common to human, like every single person. Literally, no one is exempted from facing challenges but maybe we can get to know how to overcome challenges and how to handle them as a believer. A lot of people get so frightened when they are faced with challenges and some try to run away from them, even though that still doesn’t solve the issue. Trying to avoid challenges or being afraid of them will never make them disappear or easier to handle rather it will be the worst step to ever take when handling challenges.

Challenges are situations we face that needs great mental or physical effort in other to overcome them and therefore test one’s ability.

Well if someone told you as a believer of Christ that everything was going to go away when it comes to challenges, well I guess they never told you right.

Hey, as long as we are in this body we are going to have tough times too. And because of a lot of people don’t understand this, they feel or begin to think God doesn’t love them enough to make the challenges stop or go away.

So, first of all, we must know that though some challenges come in different ways and may be very tough on our path, could make us want to lose hope sometimes, other times it could cause us to lose faith in what we believe, we must also know that challenges come to strengthen our ability and give us more strength to become a better believer. Challenges may never end but we could always get the strength to handle them and there are ways or steps we could follow when we are faced with challenges.

Steps to take when faced with challenges.

  1. The consciousness of the fact that because there are challenges it doesn’t make you less of a believer or the beloved of God. We have to learn to realize that challenges are bound to come and nobody goes to bed expecting to meet a challenge when they wake up but when we meet a challenge we don’t allow the challenge overtake our mind, faith and who we are.
  2. Do you ever get a feeling that seems like you are the only one that’s going through that kind of challenge or maybe you think yours is too much to bear, well I guess you are wrong because the truth is everyone gets to face challenges of different kind every day. And I guess understanding this should give you a relief that you are not the only one that gets to face challenges.
  3. Thirdly, never blame someone, life or yourself for your challenges. So many people either blame themselves or someone for the challenges they are having and other people could just go about blaming life. Life is one greatest gift we humans have been blessed with and because we have to face challenges doesn’t mean life is wrong or we should put up a blame on life. The Greatest strength anyone could ever gain is learning and practising to rather handle challenges rightly than blaming it on people.
  4. The greatest way of handling a challenge is always praying about it, sometimes it sounds simple to some people when you say just pray about it but well most things that sound simple are the ones that actually solves the issues. Praying about it is like confessing it into existence, of course, we shouldn’t come with all the complains and how bad it has affected us or begin to question God on why we are passing through that challenge but we should rather with thanksgiving and what the word of God says about us confess it daily.
  5. There are some challenges that need us taking a decision or making a choice and for some people because of the way they feel at that moment take a wrong decision thereby making things worst. Sometimes you need to be patient when handling challenges and take the right steps. And sometimes too all you need to do is to be patient enough to talk to someone about it. Get to meet someone, rather a believer that is much more experienced, and you believe will give you the best advice. We can’t always figure things out ourselves, sometimes we need the help of others too, it makes things easier and gives us a relief too like a saying goes, a problem talked about is a problem half solved. Maybe all the solution you need to face that challenge might not be gotten from talking to someone but we get to have a little confidence to face those challenges when we talk to people.
  6. And lastly, one mistake we make when it comes to challenges is giving up and believing less. No matter how tough a challenge is, always put your hopes high and keep believing in God and what he has done already about that challenge.

Remember challenges come to test your ability and to make you better, like Proverbs 24 vs 10 says, from the Message version: [Proverbs 24 vs 10: If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place.]. Sometimes you can get through this challenges when you see them as a chance/opportunity of getting something better and being in a better state.


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