Learning to let go what causes you pain and stress

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”

C. JoyBell C.

Why do we often hold onto things that don’t serve us any more when we can let go and ease ourselves of the pain and stress of holding onto them?

We cling unto regrets, mistakes, relationships, jobs and every other thing that keeps us frustrated, stressed out and troubled, thereby living in fear of letting go.

We prefer to settle for less, opening our minds to pessimistic feelings than to take the chances of Embracing change and letting go.

And maybe some of us genuinely feel the necessity of letting go but yet don’t know what it means to let go.

To let go is Making a choice not to hold on to things you can’t presently control or may never be able to manage.

To let go is to realise that you no longer need whatever interferes with your sanity.

Letting go means not allowing the shame of your past mistakes and regrets hold you down.

The uneasiness, pain and stress we let our minds go through also causes us physical damage, more reasons why we have to learn to let it all out.

Some Aspect of our lives that needs a letting go

1. Inner Frustration

We often get frustrated with ourselves when things happen to be beyond our control, and this could be us trying to fix a problem that seems to be so challenging, this sometimes pushes us to the edge, leaves us disorganised and damaged inside.

But sometimes all we need to do is learn to take a deep breath and let some things outside our control go and pay more attention to what we can control at that moment.

When we learn to pay more attention to things in our control, we get to find the joy that overrides the pain we would have gone through if we kept on holding on to what we can’t control.

2. Broken Relationships

We either find ourselves holding onto the pain from past relationships that didn’t work out or still struggling with letting go the ones where we suffer abuse, rejection and feel less of ourselves.

Reminiscing over past broken relationships that didn’t end right could hold you from letting go or moving on.

Fear of breaking out from the wrong relationships too could also hold you back from letting go.

The fear of being alone forces some people to settle for less in a relationship they suffer abuse, which is not supposed to be because every moment of your life is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.

3. Jobs that no longer serve you right

I once had a job I wasn’t getting enough value from, and my efforts were no longer appreciated, and I was working so hard without being paid although the working time favoured me, I was still able to do other things despite working.

But that was the only thing that seemed right there everything else was stressing me out because all day I worried about working and not being paid as expected.

At some point, I was scared of letting go of that Job and finding another one, I unconsciously settled for less, hoping that I will get paid soon, but it went on and on for months.

I was scared of the what ifs of not getting another Job when I haven’t even tried yet.

The fear of letting go held me back from Making the right Decision for myself and restricted me from seeing the fact that there could be a better paying Job out there.

4. Let go of all Bitterness

The best way to Deal with Bitterness is learning to let go of it.

Too many people struggle with a lot in their minds, and one common thing they struggle with is bitterness either towards themselves or towards people.
But you need to let it all out, let them all go so you can feel that inner peace.

The first step on HOW TO LET GO is accepting that regardless of the situation as long as it interferes with your sanity, you have to let it go to feel that peace again.

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  1. anonymous rabbit

    Thank u for this ,,,,I went through a similar problem which i had to make a decision to let go.to be honest it was hard but i realized it was the right thing to do and one of the best decisions i would ever make ..so i faced my fears decided ,,,,today i don’t regret it and am glad i made a decision , Alot of people face dis issues and from my experience all u need to do to move forward in cases like dis is to confront yr fears and really talk to one’s self cause we all would know the right decision to make

    1. The Exceptional Blog

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experience.

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