How to deal with Bitterness

Occasionally, it is not only how resentful we feel towards people, but we find ourselves being resentful, disappointed or angry at ourselves. Either way, we all have to learn to break away from that chain of bitterness.

Having to experience different kinds of offences every single day, can lead to a growing bitterness for people that could last for years.

Offences come from either:

i. People that have said something untrue about you
ii. Social media bullying
iii. Being a victim of physical, mental or sexual abuse, that has affected your self-esteem.
iv. Maltreatment from close family.
v. Having a loved one murdered by another.
vi. Betrayal.
vii. Failed marriages/relationships, all kinds of disappointment or maybe even resentments that have no course.

And not neglecting the fact that sometimes the disappointment and anger is at ourselves, maybe due to the mistakes we made in the past, the wrong decision we took that has kept us in a path we are not happy with or the fact that we are not just satisfied with who we are or what we have.

However, you must be aware that bitterness, resentment and long overdue anger eats deeply into your heart by keeping you in a miserable state compared to whoever offended you. And I know most times it’s just really hard to let go even when you want to, but you deserve to have a joyful mind totally at peace with yourself and everyone.

Just a few steps to deal with bitterness:

1. You must be ready to let go

When your mind can settle on letting go and forgiving yourself or someone, then the remedy of Letting Go of bitterness can start.

2. Understand that it could have been anyone

A lot of people face offences too, which could even be more severe than whatever you have faced, and their way of survival, is how they were able to handle those offences and still learn to live their lives with no resentment or anger, and you can also do the same too.
Offences come from people either deliberately or accidentally but, remember that your happiness and peace of mind comes first.

3. You may have hurt others too

It is so easy to see wrongs thrown at us compared to when we hurt others. One way to let bitterness is to recognise that you must have offended another too or push them to become bitter. Whether you are aware of your offences or not you would also desire to be forgiven.

4. And there is no other unusual way bitterness can leave a man’s heart like the help of God.

Having been there before I must say sometimes you want to forgive and let go but you don’t just know how to get yourself through that stage, and that’s where our loving father comes in. He heals a broken heart and put the same love he has for every single man both evil and good in your heart so you can love like him and forgive as he will do.

So what do you do? Pray about it, tell it to God.

5. Lastly, I know you must have heard of the greatest enemy one can have is one’s self.

Sometimes you have to look into a mirror and tell yourself “I have forgiven you”, just the same way you will forgive someone else.

In addition to this, go through the first, second and fourth steps and just put yourself in that position.
Bitterness does not just affect our emotions, but it also put our physical health at risk according to researchers, which is why getting rid of resentment is necessary.

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