Healing from a broken relationship

Healing is a process, don’t expect it to happen quickly, allow yourself to feel every bit of it. You don’t have to pretend to be tough(strong) knowing you are broken inside. It is okay to cry and let it all out and there the strength to move on will find you.

We don’t heal from just broken relationships, sometimes we need to heal from abuse, depression or a particular stigma, either way, don’t feel wrong for not getting past those traumatic moments so quickly. It takes time to heal, and that time has to be your own time.

No relationship is perfect, either marital relationships, family, relationships, friendships or dating relationships.

Relationships break not because they were not perfect, because the truth is no relationship is actually flawless. And sometimes we can’t really explain why something that seemed so beautiful will end leaving us broken.

I have seen people that couldn’t mend the relationship they once had with their parents, friends or partners, and the mental breakdown that comes with it.

And the truth is no one deserves to be hurt or go through a distressing period, neither does anyone choose to be heartbroken.

And you could be going through a divorce, a broken marriage, failed long-term relationship, family or friendship split, know that you deserve to heal from it.

Few steps to take in your healing process.

1. Allow yourself to feel every pain

When people go through broken relationships, sometimes they tend to try and find a way to escape the pain and period of healing, which after several attempts to avoid the healing period, they discover they haven’t even healed at all.

So allow yourself to feel the pain, the shame and the regrets.

It is okay to feel all of that, you are human and not a superhero, even superheroes get hurt, and they feel pain too.

What is your period of healing?

This is the period when you feel all the emotions, regrets, and you cry.

You see the light ahead of you even though you are in a dark place now.

A period where you learn from your mistakes.

A period where you are not afraid or ashamed to admit you are broken and need healing.

2. Be patient throughout the healing process and heal at your own time

Hey, I know you can’t wait to get rid of all these emotions and be back to your normal self, your usual self that won’t cry, feel lonely, overwhelmed and broken.
But as hurting as the process of healing could be, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have our healing time and different ways of healing, so be patient through your own journey of healing.

Don’t heal because everyone expected you to have healed already, but heal because it is your time to heal, and you are prepared to face the next phase of your life.

3. Don’t Rush into another relationship in other to heal.

Most times, we think getting into another relationship to cover up for the broken pieces of our heart will heal us.

Which sometimes makes us even more broken in the process.

Learn to give yourself time to heal, understand yourself better and the reasons for all the mistakes in the past before going into another relationship.

This will help you make better choices or decisions in your next relationship.

4. Last thing I will want to share with you, although not the last of all steps to take in healing from a broken relationship is my heartfelt prayer for you.

If you are going through a divorce, a broken marriage, failed long-term/short-term relationship, family or friendship split, I pray that God heals your heart and mend your broken spirit.

Believe that you can and will heal.

Believe you are strong enough to go through this phase.

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  1. anonymous

    This is great stuff … I’ve had quite enough broken friendships before, it seemed weird and confusing and at the same time painful. It wasn’t a good experience for me but healing and moving on was the best decisions I made in that situation and it helped me .Feeling all the hurt and reminicng at the same time was the hardest but it sure did help in the process of healing and moving on like you stated here. This is a helpful piece and I’m sure it would reach out to someone out there who is in desperate need for this.

    1. The Exceptional Blog

      Thank you 🙂
      I am glad to hear that you are in a better place now.

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