Few habits to keep while starting a new Week

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Starting a new week could be pretty conventional, I mean you only need to carry on with where you stopped the previous week or start a new To-do list for the week or maybe repeat the activities you did the past week.

And we all can’t wait to say “TGIF”, that day of the week is just so relieving.

However, the best thing about starting a new week is realising there is a whole lot of positive things ahead of you.

Few habits to keep while starting a new week

1.  Start your week being grateful.

Do you ever start a new week where all you contemplate are things you didn’t finish up the preceding week, how rough the road was when you kicked off with new ideas, dreams or plans or maybe the fear to start what didn’t go well the previous week?

Sometimes take a deep breath and be thankful for another opportunity to make amends to those things you didn’t get the chance to do the past days. 

2. No matter the outcome of things, you can still have a blissful week.

Are you having a bad day already?  

Are things going different from what you expected? 

Don’t beat yourself up things can always turn out good even if they started jagged.

You can pull through the week by telling yourself this is not the end of the road. You can make things better by not giving up so quickly. there is always a chance to make things right.

3. Don’t accept the idea that the whole world is against you.

Most depression days are results of thinking the whole world is against you. 

I always have a hunch that this is due to a few events or people we encountered that got us in a bad mood, or when the day is beginning to turn out differently from what we had planned.

Know that the whole world can’t be against, and yes there might be some few moments that would spoil your week, but you can also determine how the week will end for you. 

Focus more on the positive than the negative occurrences, and you will be surprised to see how your days will turn out to be.

4.  Find time out of seven days to do the things you love.

Work work work, that’s all I spend my week doing, then I realised I haven’t even spent a day with myself, I had forgotten what it felt like to feel the warmness of each evening and the appreciate nature.

 And every time I said there was not enough time, that was also another way of saying I’m not ready to make out time yet.

So I made a plan, how about taking myself out, spending some time to write, take a walk to the park a few minutes away from me? 

We all complain about being busy throughout the week, and yes we are sincerely busy and no because we can always make out time for ourselves.

Time to reflect on who we are and who we want to be.

5. Always remain positive, that’s the best way to go about the week.

Some bad days we had were a result of the negative feeling you let settle in our hearts within the week.

When things don’t go right at the beginning of the week, it doesn’t mean the tides won’t turn at the end of the week.

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