Embracing Change and Growing out of the old.

Imagine having this little, beautiful, now skimpy shorts which use to be perfectly fitting for you and you bought them at quite an expensive price but now they no longer fit, no they just won’t fit anymore, regardless of how much you bought them, I guess you will definitely put them away to get a better and fitting one.

A lot of times it is actually difficult realizing that change is part of life, change is one way that shows that we are growing and if you will ask some people if they would want to look so small and tiny just the way they were when they were born just like a little kid with a retarded growth instead of actually looking their present age, even though most people would always wish to be younger but they would prefer to grow than to be stagnated.

When we refuse, find it so hard to embrace change when it comes and when we don’t get to understand that change in every aspect of our lives is part of what life is and what makes us better. It’s like saying that we don’t want to grow and of course, sometimes the process of change could be difficult especially when we are already used to the old and that is why we should always make a choice to embrace change and always be ready to grow out of the old.


So what could change and how do we handle them when they are no longer the same as before?

1. Change is part of life

First of all, you have to know change is part of life itself and I cannot really guarantee the fact that things will get better immediately when change happens but for things to get better they have to change. One area we experience change is generally in life, we have to know that as we grow things will continue to change. For example, the way we look, with time changes, Our environment would change too, and the people around us would definitely change, so we don’t sit down trying to analyze why the changes happen but we rather realize that change is part of life itself and we should rather learn to embrace these changes.

2. Changes that involves people

I will be more specific about changes that have to do with people at this point. We have a beautiful life that part of what makes it amazing is the change we experience.

9 out of 10 people must have faced instances where they had to get used to either not having around people they use to know or getting to have new people around them. It is terribly so hard for me realizing that there were some people I once knew, I grew up with, I got fond of that for different reasons, some for the best they no longer belong there. You might have had to deal with losing a loved one and I must say this is really difficult because sometimes it’s just like you don’t know where to start from living without them and a lot of times when we get to deal with these, it puts us in a very dark place where we feel moving on in life is not just possible. But I must tell you that this is part of what change is and the moment you understand this, things will definitely get better and you always have to be positive at every point of change as you grow in it.

3. Relationships

Thirdly, one area a lot of people experience a change which I think really goes a long way in people’s lives because it means a lot to them is in Relationships.

Relationships come in different forms either as families, friends, romantic relationships and every other kind of relationships.

My best advice about relationships generally speaking, regardless of what kind of relationship it is, is that nothing remains permanent, it either becomes better or worst in the process of change but we definitely don’t sit down praying for the worst but rather we should always hope for the best even when it doesn’t look like it.  A lot of people have lost themselves in the course of broken relationships, sometimes it is not our fault that things change the way they do, despite our efforts to make things better. One thing I want you to know is at no point should you ever lose yourself or refuse to grow out of the old or what doesn’t exist anymore.

When it comes to relationships, most times we could just go all the way handling the changes we experience wrongly, what do I mean? We don’t have to make enemies out of broken relationships or lose ourselves because of whatever has happened and that is why we must understand that this is also part of change and we must know that for things to get better change must happen. And your life does not get better by chance but rather through the changes you allow to take place in your lives.

Another question you would want to ask yourself is, will everyone accept the changes?

One mistake people make and which prevents them from seeing the bright side of embracing any change is the fact that they want every bit of the changes they experience to suit everyone. I have had to make a decision which included a lot of things changing even my environment and it took me days thinking about this, it was hard for me making up my mind to leave what I knew behind, changing my association but the more I was so worried about how others will adjust to the changes I got even lost in making any progress. It might be difficult either embracing what has changed or trying to make a change but the truth is, that might just be the right thing you need.

Change is one important and amazing journey of our existence and embracing them when they come shows how much we are ready to grow out of the old and how much we want to see ourselves happy.

Learn to release that change is not an enemy but rather a friend we should all willingly with a hope of things getting better embrace.

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