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Be Patient With Yourself

Remember that growth comes with patience and while being that woman and that man you wish to always be, also make sure you are patient with yourself through this journey.

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The Journey

Always remind yourself why you started the journey in the first place, it will keep you going.

Personal Growth

Growing with no regrets

Today I woke up, and the first thing that I reached out for was the mirror right beside my bed. As I stared at myself, I couldn’t hold back the smile and the overwhelming feeling I had written all over my still sleepy face…

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Don’t Pressure yourself

I’ve gotten to that point where I never want to pressure myself to have what everyone or the society has, but I have decided to take my time.

Get Inspired

Be happy with where you are

Be happy with where you are, what you’ve got and learn to go easy on yourself.

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don't worry
be happy.

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