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“Making the right decision won’t always feel like lying on a bed of roses, but the difference between the right and wrong decision is the right will always come with a better future”.
-The Exceptional Blog

Choices do not always seem hard to make until when we find ourselves in a dilemma of “what ifs” and “what if not” and when we get entangled with fear, most precisely of making the wrong choice. And it could have been much of an easier task to handle if there was just one option but choices always come with a lot more alternatives.
We are living our daily lives surrounded by every single choice we make, even the most insignificant thing we could never imagine are the outcomes of those choices. Which makes making everyday choices something minute until we encounter the more difficult situations.
And yes, I am here to put you through how to handle those choices that seem hard to take, those that get you stuck in your fears, past and forgetting what can go right if you let go of all the ifs and if not’s.

Things you must know before making a choice:

  1.  Even making the right decisions won’t always feel like lying on a bed of roses. Sometimes the right steps could hurt longer than you expected, just like how realising you made the wrong choice would hurt, but the difference is the right choice always come with a better future.
  2. Don’t expect yourself to consistently be perfect in making the right decisions because you are human and sometimes you will take the wrong steps, don’t beat yourself up because it’s okay not to be clear on things you don’t know their future outcomes, but you should ideally make the honest choices at every opportunity you get.
  3. Just right before deciding, take a deep breath and be ready to be responsible for all of the choices you make.

Steps to making the right choice:  Being practical about what decision you want to take is very needful.

  1.  Take a plain paper and write down all the possibilities.
    Put down all of the choices you could make, both the ones that sound unpromising and the ones that appear genuine, but you are not sure of the outcomes.
  2. Take down all your fears on each choice.
    Our fear of what might happen as a result of our choices put a restraint on taking a decision sometimes, and that is why writing those fears down will help you understand the difference between been paranoid and actual reality. Because sometimes we are engulfed by our fears so much that we fail to realise what is best for us.
  3. Cancel out all those doubts.
    After writing down all that makes you anxious and terrified, one by one you begin to cancel out all the fears and try seeing the positive side to those right choices even though taking them might be difficult.

    A young guy had gone so far in studying a major he wasn’t pleased with, and he feared to start all over again with a different major he will be happier and fulfilled doing.
    i. He worried so much about what if things didn’t go right after dropping his three years major to start the other one, even though he knew this was what he was good at and what will give him a promising future.
    ii. He worried about his mates having to finish before him and starting all over again.

    Lesson: Don’t weigh yourself down with negative thoughts, it won’t help you in making the right choices, and wrong decisions are sometimes the result of your fears.

    Don’t worry we are sure one step closer to making the right choice continue reading.

  4.  Be sincere to yourself.
    If you want to tread on a better path, see things clearly and make the appropriate decisions, you have to be sincere with yourself, ask yourself the reasons(whys) for sticking with that choice you want to go with and how much of a better future will it create.
    Simple questions you can ask yourself:
    i. Would this make me a better person?
    ii. Am I taking this decision because of what people will say or think?
    iii. Is this what I need at the moment and can I make a better choice if I can be patient?
    iv. Am I refusing to take the right steps because I feel I’m not strong enough to handle the situation?
    v. Is my choice dependent on my feelings or the actual truth?
    vi. Put out every other voice from your mind, and ask yourself, are you sincerely peaceful with that choice?
    And many other questions you can ask yourself. I believe right within us we will know what is right for us, but sometimes those things don’t always seem enticing, and so we easily discard them and go with what is more convenient but to make the right choice you have to learn to live beyond your comfort zone. Believe that it may not seem promising now, however, it will someday.
    And yes I guess by now things are becoming even more clear, so let’s see one last thing to making the right choices
  5. Hold on to your honest answer
    Honest meaning free of deceit, truthful and sincere. Now you begin to pay close attention to which decision satisfies your needs and not just your wants. And I’m sure at this point you have gotten more clarity on which decision or choice you will choose.
And one last thing I would love to say is if you believe in prayers always end your choices with a simple prayer.

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