5 Things you should never take for granted

  5 Things you should never take for granted

Sometimes things can be amazing, while sometimes some things might make us always ask a question of why they happen but regardless of what we all go through, who we all are, the things we’re all involved in, there are some things we should never take for granted and when we learn to never take these things for granted it shows us a way to live a joyful life and fulfilled life.


Your life is one precious gift you have gotten no matter its state. It is the free gift that can never be bought, which when you lose it, it’s lost forever because you only have one of it. The moment you stop breathing you lose the chance of ever being grateful for who you are, what you have or who you will be. So when it comes to not taking your life for granted, it means you should place so much importance on your life just like the way you do material things. Never feel someone else’s life is better than yours no matter their possessions that you don’t have, never feel your life is not worth the joy, peace and happiness because it is worth everything good and just you can imagine.


The first thought that should come to mind is how different your life would be if you were battling an illness or maybe people that lost their lives due to health issues which couldn’t be fixed even though there was enough money to do so.

One most important thing you should never take for granted is your health, it is one way of saying I want to keep living to make a difference, to become a better person, to be there for my loved ones. Do the right things, eat the right food, exercise once in a while, it is really important for your health, take enough rest, see a Doctor when the need arises and be grateful for the good health you’ve got and even if you have a health issue, still be grateful you are alive and keep on believing and trusting God that you will be healed and fine again.


Your loved ones should never be taken for granted at any point as life can change at any time, cherish the moment you have with those that you care about, be there for them whenever you get the opportunity to.


Being the most important you must always stand firm in what you’ve believed, never taking for granted your relationship with God because amongst all even if everything will fail or change, who you are in God will never change, no matter what happens he will always love you.


Everyone wants to have more than they have now and sometimes we want or desire to have someday something better and it’s all a good thing to desire to be in a better place with better things but while you are yet to have all of that, always be grateful for every single thing you have right now no matter how insignificant it may look like, because all that you have now is someone else’s prayer.

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