2 Reasons why keeping a small circle works best and might be just what you need

“It is more meaningful to keep a small circle because I get the chance to invest in the right people”.

Suzan Ejura

At some point in your life, you are going to feel the need of making every minute count with the right circle.

Which makes valuing relationships and wanting to have something outstanding and genuine, a feeling anyone would have at some point.

Getting to meet different people with diverse ideas and a different approach to life is a unique experience anyone should have.

But you would also want to have close relationships that demonstrate loyalty, love and transparency.

It is more than just having someone around that brings out the enthusiastic part of you or supersizing the number of people you know, just like it is easy to believe that the more friends or people you have in your circle, the more the possibilities of being presented with different opportunities that in turn favours you.

That could work out in most cases but remember the right influence always have to come with the right circle.

This should be an important consideration in your circle

And when it comes to your friends, you would want to surround yourself with people that are interested in your personal growth, you both share common beliefs and so much more than just acquaintances.

The choice of who we cross paths with may not be in our control, but we certainly can decide those we want to stay in our circle, and as the saying goes, the circle of people we have in our lives always have an impact or influence on us.

True friendship takes time, sacrifice and effort to nurture, and that you definitely can’t give to everyone that surrounds you.

Reasons why you choose wisely, who gets to experience the growth and make the efforts with you.

And this brings us to the reasons why considering a small circle is what works best.

1. Growth is a central priority.

The sense of change or becoming better as a person grows stronger as you get older, and you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with people that have similar interests and beliefs as yours.

i. People that are willing to support you at every chance they get.
ii. People that drive you to be better.
iii. People that have stood the test of time.
iv. In every circle, there should be something that motivates you, that encourages you to value the relationship.
v. And something that inspires you to improve and become a better person.

When it comes to growth, it requires that we see beyond just benefiting from someone but being able to give in return in any way possible to support their personal development.

And Just a hand full of people understand why individual growth is vital in every relationship.

And that is why in every friendship/circle, you should be able to say the other individual has contributed to your personal growth over the years.

1. Experience a closer and genuine relationship

The whole point of having a small circle is the relationship we are capable of securing with the people in it.

A healthy and stable relationship requires time, efforts and sacrifice and which you would want to direct this to the right people.

The right people to invest your time on might be a little confusing especially when you have a large circle.

i. Having a small circle creates that opportunity to build a closer relationship and something genuine with anyone it in.

ii. You can make out time to invest in the right people and get to know them individually, which helps in creating a stronger bond that will stand the test of time.

iii. You get that chance to really know your circle, their characters, interest, intentions when you spend time with them.

Likewise, it reduces having the wrong ones in your circle and having to deal with disappointment and betrayal.

Therefore, having a small circle gives you that opportunity of valuing the people close to you or not taking them for granted, appreciating genuine friendship and acknowledging the tiniest act of loyalty from every person in our circle.

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